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BiOrb Halo 30l Aquarium

This BiOrb Halo 30l is a great gift for anyone interested in fish this Christmas !!

They are easy to set up maintain and look incredible !

In store and ready to be put under the tree

Reef One design products which make fish-keeping accessible and enjoyable to all.

Reef One always seem to create the most stylish, aesthetically pleasing aquariums which are low maintenance and provide healthy environments for fish.

The BiOrb Halo has a visually seamless waterline, making it very pleasing to look at. The light is generated from a ring of LEDs fitted inside the lid to give the appearance of a real 3D aquarium.

Automatically switching lights at night create a calm moonlight setting.

A light sensor allows you to set the exact lighting conditions for the automatic switching to moonlight.

BiOrb Halo uses the proven Reef One filter, the same as the rest of the BiOrb range.

BiOrb Halo comes complete with everything you need:

  • Air Pump; 12v Transformer
  • Under Gravel Filter
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Bubble Tube
  • Air stone
  • Tap Water Treatment
  • A sample pack of Fish Food.


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